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Software, Apps
Apple’s official unveiling of the new series of devices is today. It’s not quite what it once was, but there is still a keen interest and plenty of speculation in the run up. Carefully orchestrated, of course, by the Apple marketing machine.
The verve and excitement of a decade ago has passed and while the interest in launch day still remains, incremental device evolution isn’t a big enough draw on its own. The reason to purchase requires a greater level of persuasion, beyond the aesthetics. There is a continually growing  need to showcase the greater potential of the device and the ecosystem that supports its very existence. We have gradually seen this  happen over time with a greater degree of emphasis and investment being placed on the evolution of the ecosystem allowing ever more sophisticated software and apps.
For developers and companies like Infonote; the frameworks that can be exploited to build even better software, apps and integrated services is where the real interest lies. With access to the beta release program we can test new concepts and build apps that utilise and fully exploit the new devices, well in advance of the launch dates. It is in these areas where the greatest margin can be gained and the true potential of the device unlocked. In business this is where the impact is felt, the advantage is made and the ROI realised….