The importance of support for your apps.

app development support

WWDC and iOS 11 have been making up the chip wrappers this week.  With the usual raft of evolutionary changes like the one handed keyboard and the new stuff like the HomePod, cynically described by a colleague as a £350 doorstop. There is also an ‘ARkit’ and an extension of the ‘Do not Disturb’ feature which can now be set into a driving mode, silencing notifications, turning off the display and auto replying to messages. iOS 11 will not be available for everyone though and it would seem that the 5 and the 5C are counting down the days as 32 bit processors are now out. This is no surprise within the development and partner community, but it may well come as a surprise and disappointment to some users.

So what does this all mean for iOS mobile apps? It shouldn’t affect any apps developed since 2015 or those that have been updated in the last couple of years, but any that have not been updated or are a little older will no longer appear in the search results. This is bound to catch a few people out as the explosion in app development over the last 5 years has been largely a race to provide a service or game without the necessary supporting structure or any real plan for the ongoing maintenance of the app. This is largely as a result of the false sense of security we had when our requirement for iOS apps was being largely delivered to a phone of 1 size. It was so easy and support at this time looked like a waste. Many of our early customers, each were offered support, felt this too.  This is partly because they were pioneers and innovators and not businesses cultured in support contracts, but also because Apple’s approval process seemed to signal that nothing further was needed, just sit back and watch the sales comes in…..

The market has evolved and the need for support has changed as the competition between the rivals, such as Apple and Samsung, has intensified. This has driven the urgency in the market, with the demand from investors applying the pressure for more breakthrough innovations at an even faster pace. Better profit performance is not enough in its own right.  As a result of this, technical & hardware boundaries are ever faster expanding and therefore; developing, deploying and maintaining apps to all the different devices is now a more challenging process. The app development sector requires a higher degree of technical support than ever before and the changes within the market this year continue to underline in bold the importance of supporting apps and having a partner that can help maintain and support your app(s),  as well as keep you up to speed on the changes coming in the future.  Most of all, you want to avoid getting caught out or find your app no longer appearing in the App store(s), further down the line.

If you are planning the development of an app, you are likely to need some technical intervention over a 12 month period and some assistance navigating the nuances of the app stores, so make sure you build this into your roadmap and planning process. If you’d like to find out more about app support in general or have a more specific need you can find out more here from ourselves at Infonote or you can call us directly on 01858 467746.