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At Infonote, we provide  SharePoint consultancy SharePoint training and SharePoint development resource. We can support you in either an advisory or project management capacity, so you’re able to get more from your SharePoint site and your Office 365 license.

SharePoint provides a wide variety of capabilities, most of which require configuration, training and in some cases further development. Using our expertise we’re able to modify the navigation, create custom workflows, upload custom designs to ensure consistency through your organisation, and integrate databases or connect third party applications.

Correct deployment, training and development of the solution not only increases productivity, but has the ability to save you time and money!


For support, advice and delivery for your SharePoint development project, Infonote offer a range of services. We provide advice and suggest solutions that will improve your way of working.

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Technology StrategiesSetup

Outlining what you want from your SharePoint environment is crucial. SharePoint can be configured extensively and if not properly planned the setup will be less effective to you and your team. We can step you through the setup process and ensure that best practise is applied from the start.

Sale teamTraining

Once you’ve set up your SharePoint site(s) making sure that your team is trained to use it effectively is the next step. We provide training programs based on your requirements so that you and your team can begin to collaborate effectively.


Out of the box SharePoint already integrates with the Microsoft Suite. We can help you with some of the refinement of this.  We can also connect with your legacy databases and 3rd party applications.


Integrated app capability linked to your SharePoint site(s) will enable you to manage all your data, whether you’re in the office or in the field. Access all your site data safely and securely.

Quality ImprovementApproval solutions

We can build a solution that handles any number of authorisation requests. This makes it easy to sign off for expenses, site procurement and employee on-boarding.

SharePoint enables you to:

Create a central hub – manage everything including websites, Intranets, Extranets, projects and documents.

Collaborate effectively – allow users share information easily to work together towards the same goals.

Manage documents – create and manage documents, along with web content while facilitating compliance behind the scenes.

Search for information – perform quick and simple searches within the system to locate relevant information and resources.

Make informed decisions – access to up to date business intelligence reports and dashboards enable you to make better informed business decisions.

Access anytime and anywhere – as web based application you can access your business information no matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Maintain compliance – configure roles to ensure only those with clearance have access to certain information and functionality within the system.