iPhone – Inspiring a generation

iPhone Inspiring a generation
Today marks the launch of the latest iPhone, some 10 years since the very first iPhone took the world by storm… It is a personal reminder of the influence the iPhone has had on my own journey in business as a result of that very act 10 years ago.  The global business derived from the iPhone has exceeded all expectations, it really is a success monster and not just for Apple.  For me the iPhone just screamed ‘Anything is possible’…. I was hooked and it has shaped my working life ever since.
Having been inspired by the iPhone and its possibilities, it convinced me to get into technology and invest in a business which I have now run for 7 years. The iPhone brought a frenzied excitement to the industry and has continued to inspire others in much the same way it inspired me in 2008/2009. In many ways it wasn’t a great time to be venturing into business. Companies were raining in their budgets, SME’s were struggling and people were losing their jobs left right and centre. Businesses were not investing and economically times were very tricky. The creation of the App store was showing the signs of its potential and it was clear that apps were going to be part of the future technical ecosystem. While it was exciting and inspiring, I also recognised it was necessary, from a practical perspective, to build an app development business strategy into our plans.
Our first app was built for the local radio station ‘HFM’ and has been hardly missed a beat since. I’d had the idea in September 2010 and approached the station with my proposal. It got us going and we’ve never looked back. In the early days we had a lot of fun pitching ideas at ourselves, this eventually led us to pitching proposals to the as was Technology Strategy Board (TSB), now Innovate UK. Our ‘Where’s that Satellite’ proposal, which was one of three proposals submitted, much to our surprise  succeeded and helped us to establish ourselves in the market and grow our business in a new direction. It also allowed us to build some extremely useful networks with the UK Space agency, ESA and the TSB as well as establish partnerships with the University of Leicester’s ‘G Step’ team and ‘Space ideas Hub’.
My first 2 minute TSB elevator pitch in 2011 to a packed hall, introduced me to 3 new clients each with very unique app development ideas, all new products and all designed to test the device to the limit. I loved it and the business thrived on it. Our advantage was having an experienced team of engineers who knew how to write the supporting services to deliver such unique products as well as build the native apps for iOS & Android. We had an established business, experienced engineers and we loved new concepts and creating new ideas. We still do and we continue to develop apps as well as other standard desktop/web applications that solve problems and offer solutions for others.
10 years on and it feels like we’ve only just started..I don’t know what the future holds, but I have a gut feeling that the iPhone will be influencing and shaping it in the years ahead.