Infonote’s Summer Stock Take 2017

Stock take 2017

Stock take 2017

So, summer holidays are upon, the kids have broken up from school and the summer Exodus has started. Everyone seems to be jetting off or getting away for a break including yours truly. It’s a good time of year to take stock, reflect on the year to date, recharge the batteries and ready yourself for the run into to the end of the year.

We’re very lucky at Infonote, we have fantastic clients, we get some great referrals and as a result we are able to select the projects we get involved with on an ongoing basis.  That means we always have something exciting to work on and with clients that truly engage in the design and delivery process to ensure the success of a system.  Whilst we’ve seen some tremendous opportunities, as with all companies, they haven’t all come to fruition, but the ones that have we are genuinely excited about. In particular:

Membership Management

As a result of the development into our CRM platform we’ve been retained to develop a bespoke club membership management system.  The client had an existing Access database that just wasn’t working for them and were looking for an up to date, robust solution that offered its users and members a functionally richer experience.  We’re about 4 weeks from final delivery and go-live and so far, testing has been going really well and it’s been positively received by the client.

SharePoint Portal

We’re seeing more and more clients adopting a cloud strategy and migrating to Office 365 which has opened up significant opportunity to take advantage of all the collaborative tools Microsoft offers.  One such client wanted to make greater use of SharePoint and tasked us with developing an HR and staff on-boarding system that mapped their processes and authorisations digitally. The beauty of this solution is that all their staff now use one single process and have complete and immediate visibility of everything without the need for multiple copies of error prone documentation.  When you consider that this is then used by staff over 30 locations the time saving benefits are huge.

The next stage is to start work on their other processes and incorporate those into a single SharePoint site for ease of use and accessibility.

Small but perfectly formed

We’ve also got involved in some smaller projects with very distinct outputs.  For instance, integrating SharePoint to Microsoft Dynamics and creating a handful of new entities, relationships and automation which has revolutionised the way that the clients sales team work. The next step being to look at using Teams and Planner for the engineers and manufacturing department utilising Office 365 to provide a full 360-degree end to end process management system.

Apps Apps Apps

Our App developers have also been busy developing frameworks for field reporting Apps to enable quick and easy deployment of Apps for anyone needing to manage data acquired on remote sites – think H&S, Risk Management, Asset Management, Team engagement, Timesheets, Task Management + the Company Data Centre app which is due for release in September.


Changes in technology continues to play a huge part in what we do and this year has seen some major advances. We’re currently including things like Geo-Mapping and AI in a number of projects and even looking at facial recognition, proximity and near field communication.  In the past, we’ve done some creative work with ANPR and we’re now expanding on that with BI projects looking at how data can be used to understand and enhance customer journeys and experiences.

Picture Perfect

‘Captured Images’ continues and we’re planning a v2.0 release later in the year.  Ideally, we were hoping to have this ready for the festival season, but that just hasn’t happened, most likely to be the festive season now.

Learning Management system

Only just started, but a fresh approach to the development of a Learning Management Platform is underway, so little respite for the development team as they kick start the project and get the development underway for the run in to Christmas….