Dear Santa…

I need new software for my business
Dear Santa, 
It’s probably a long time since any of us started a letter with ‘Dear Santa’, but as we move towards 2018 what’s on your wish list for next year. 
For our MD Pete, it’s all about a new Bike.  Problem is they’re not cheap and there are plenty of other household priorities; so to echo his long-suffering wife ‘why does he need a new one when he’s already got one’?
The same question is often levied at technology, so if new software is on your Christmas list, let’s consider why now might be the time when it becomes the top priority. 
End of Life 
This is generally the most obvious reason for change; existing software critical to your business is no longer available or no longer supported.  Whilst companies can often survive for a period of time in these instances, there will become a time when either hardware or other software will no longer work with outdated applications.   
It’s also a question of security. With outdated software comes vulnerability as the latest security patches and protocols may not be applied. 
Doesn’t give us what we need 
As businesses grow and change over time, it’s important that your software keeps pace and is adaptable to change.  Companies seeking to get more and more from their software often find it is limited in terms of what it can do, how it can be configured and how well it integrates with other software.  
Not working hard enough 
In the current digital age, our software should be working for us, not the other way around.  Our time should be spent where it’s best placed, engaging with customers and growing the business. Consider how much of your time is spent on manual tasks that could easily be automated; if manual tasks outweigh automated ones, then perhaps it’s time for a change. 
Your software should be supporting everything you do in the business both now and moving forward.  It should provide you with easy to access data that you can use to drive the business and strategy and to help make decisions in real-time.  Not only that, but is should empower users to work at their optimum, regardless of location. 
Technology is changing quicker than ever.  Microsoft have even moved away from versioning their Windows operating system, favouring regular updates.  Is your software capable of keeping up to date with emerging technologies and developments?  If not, how can you be expected to benefit from this future innovation? 
We’d suggest that your software and systems should always be a number 1 priority, but if that’s not been the case in the past let Infonote Datasystems help achieve your goals for 2018, starting with an objective look at what your current systems are doing for you.