Partner Program

At Infonote, we believe teamwork is key. By partnering with Infonote you will receive a percentage of the business that you successfully refer.

The Infonote partner program is perfect for:

  • IT companies
  • Digital agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Media agencies
  • Professional services businesses

We recognise the value and importance of partnerships in developing new business as well as being able to offer existing clients the services and expertise of other professional businesses.


Then we want to hear from you,  so that we can start the process of cultivating a mutually beneficial and effective working relationship.

To find out more about our partner program, call us today on 01858 467746 or email us at


No business can thrive in isolation. At Infonote, we believe in forging lasting and meaningful relationships with like-minded companies – We can succeed together through “teamwork”.

How it works



Register using the contact form below. Simply fill out your details and we will be in touch to arrange an introductory meeting.


We want to get to know your business so we can refer business to you too, so tell us about your services & products.


Introduce us to a contact or company with whom you have an existing business relationship and we will take care of the rest.


We recognise the value and importance of partnerships in developing new business, that’s why we’ve set up our partner program. Get in touch to find out how your business could benefit.

Why become a partner

  • Get paid a commission for referrals/introductions
  • Unlimited potential
  • Opportunity to white label & resell Infonote’s products


How much can I earn?

We will pay you a percentage of the net value of the referred development work upon completion of the work.

Is there any limit on how much I can earn?

Absolutely not, we want to encourage you to refer as much business as you possibly can so that you can continue to benefit.

Does this apply to all Infonote products?

There are some exclusions, which include the resale of Sage Products, like Sage 50, back-up, hosting, support and 3rd party services are also not included.

What type of company can I refer?

You can refer any company that may have a development need. This could be a database, CRM, an App or integration and workflow enhancements. Established SME’s are perfect, but we are more than happy to help any business who may benefit from a custom development.

How much does it cost to join the partner program?

There is no cost to joining, it is totally free.

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