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Five things to ensure your Software project succeeds. Part 2 & 3
March 7, 2017
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March 16, 2017

Part 4 Communication- Five things to ensure your Software project succeeds

Part 4 of the series.Communication and Reviewing Project Progress

Strong, unambiguous communication is critical in any project delivery.  Poor communication will lead to confusion, delays, mistakes and ultimately failures.

It is all too easy to assume that people know what’s going on and that they understand their role.  Time should be taken at every stage to make sure the project is not only being accurately documented, but that everyone involved fully understands and is ‘on the same page’.

Very often in the delivery of software projects, the management team decide on a system but do not involve the user community.  Key to a high level to user adoption is the involvement of users throughout the process; get them involved and they will feel a sense of ownership in the overall outcome.  Communicate that the project is happening, the appropriate business reasons and justification and how it will positively impact on users and their day to day activities.

Make time to review the project at key stages, making sure milestones are being achieved and that the development of the solution is meeting your expectations.  Check progress against the functional specification and budget. Don’t be tempted or encouraged to let the supplier deliver the system in one go at the end of the project, review it and test it as regularly as possible; it’s easier to pick up small changes as you go rather than waiting for full user acceptance testing before you realise you don’t like the look of the system.