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March 13, 2017
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March 23, 2017

Microsoft Teams. Making the most of 365.


Microsoft have recently added ‘Teams’ to the Office 365 suite of products and so following a barrage of marketing videos,  I’ve been trying it out with the team and attempting to compare it with some of the existing options we currently use. Certainly for me and my team, collaborative working is an important facet of delivering projects, working with partners, sharing data, comments and updates. No need for emails….Believe me, this is bliss and 1000% more productive, honest, it’s true. (made up stat by the way Donald).

It’s still early days and while I’m not an advocate of change for change sake, one of the attractions is that, ‘Teams’ is included with my Microsoft license and it looks pretty straight forward to use.  Ok, it won’t suit every business and for some it will bring very little value, but for those who regularly benefit from using ‘Slack’, ‘Asana’ and similar tools it’s worth taking a look, particularly if you have an Office 365 account and already paying a monthly license fee.

That then begs the question, What other tools does Microsoft have in its 365 shed and could I be making more use of them? Not sure? Its worth taking the time to take stock and review  what you have available to you. For so long Mail, Word, Excel and PP have been the main draw. All fine products in their own right, yet some of the newer solutions could be the key to making these more effective in the team working environment.

Access to the tools is one thing, identifying the ones that bring real value and then shaping them is something else….