Software Integration

Integrating applications that share common data fields is a sensible consideration when you need to build and support a growing enterprise. Connecting your external data, such as website, apps and social media to your internal applications is hugely effective when you’re looking for greater efficiency.

Integration is also about continuous and seamless workflow models, this could be; streamlining your admin tasks and connecting your on-boarding process with payroll, reducing the non-client facing tasks that are a requirement for all businesses.

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Streamline Your Business

Integration is a great way to streamline workflows, saving you time and improving your performance. Users are able to:

Improve performance | Save time & money

Our Work

Much of our recent work has been focused around integration of the following:

phone_speech_bubble. new crmPhone

We’re able to integrate VOIP telecoms systems with your existing business solutions, helping to improve customer service and providing the ability to measure staff efficiency.


Integrating business solutions with accounts software such as Sage and Xero is incredibly useful as it allows you to accurately report on business performance and make informed business decisions.


Integration of ANPR, Navigation, Road Traffic and Mapping systems allows those in the field to access vital information on the go, for improved efficiency.

Satellite data

Managing your field staff is much easier when you’re able to integrate your existing solutions with local geodata.

Lead generation

We’re able to create processes and services that integrate with third party suppliers to support your lead generation activities.

We have experience handling complex integration with software solutions such as Dynamics, SAP and accounting platforms like Sage. There are a few ways that integration can be achieved:


Integrating applications using a Software Development Kit (SDK).  These frameworks provide the tools and rules, which allow you to integrate your application safely. Not all applications provide this level of access, but this is more common these days.

downloadWeb Services

Connecting over the web using a web-service to organise the communication between devices and data sources. A web-service can handle multiple data sources, which are utilised by the end user in an application – frequently used by app developers to collate and return data to an app user.


An Application Programming Interface (API) provides the building blocks for other developers to build applications that connect with your service. Documentation is normally supplied explaining how the 3rd party can connect their application.

Creating Technical Harmony

Integration enables you to:

Work from a single solution – Integrating your systems streamlines workflows. It removes the need to move between different systems, which significantly improves productivity.

Improve performance – Reducing the need to move between numerous systems can significantly improve performance. Processes become easier to follow and data re-entry is reduced.

Obtain a complete view – Monitor you entire business and obtain real-time data in the office or on the go, enabling you to alter strategies according to fluctuations in the market.

Maintain accurate data – Integrating and unifying your systems reduces the risk of duplicate data, allowing you to obtain accurate information about your business.

Easily manage data security – Managing the security of your data within one unified system is much easier than if it were in multiple systems. By integrating your business solutions you’re able to manage admin rights and easily back-up all data in one go.

Improve customer service – The ability to access customer information quickly and easily is vital for maintaining good relationships. Integrating systems such as CTI and CRM will enable you to identify customers and address their needs quickly.

Increase sales – Integrating systems that streamline any element of your sales process will have a huge impact on your overall sales.



We have integrated numerous systems for clients in a range of industries, providing the foundation to their future growth.

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